Please be fresh and clean for date, I provide fresh towels and a hot shower if needed. I am your companion I do not sell sex I am not a prostitute. I am an escort I will not discuss sex or acts with newbies.

Never associate sex or acts with fees. What happens during our time spent together is between two or more adults with similar likes and dislikes. If we find each other sexually attractive and as 2 consensual adults, decide to have lots of fun together, so be it.

Please DO NOT EXPECT condom free sex, that is common sense
Always pay agreed upon rate, please do not put my donation in an envelope, please have my donation out in plain site. I should never have to ask for what is owed, I find it very rude.

Please have your ID ready for me to inspect if you do not trust me enough to look at your ID then please find your companionship elsewhere. Safety is very important to me so this is mandatory.

Please do not expect me to keep track of our time together, although I may do so,

please know it's your responsibility to be aware of the time.

I will always treat you professionally with respect and like a human being, you are my date and soon to be friend. I expect the same treatment from you as well, I am not an object or item for you to do with or treat as you please... Always be a gentleman and I will always be a lady! If you ask about services in person I will ask you leave.