ask about my menu over the phone or via text not in person 
COD only ● $200 30 min ● $300 1hr  ●  

Please ask about my vip menu!! (use condom sense this doesn't mean bbfs)

VIP MENU $400 1hr ● $800 2hr

Couple packages are only $1,000 2hr 
Overnights are only $3,200 12hrs 24 hrs is only $5,000

If you're booking over 3 hours of time
   I request to be taken out either to dinner, drinks or shopping...

Any package over 12 hours requires 4 hours of sleep

or an additional $1,000

     50% deposit for all travel is required Credit card is preferred

but cash is acceptable, no envelopes.

Please leave cash in visible site. I should not have to ask
you for my gift, thank you!

If you're not feeling up to par the day of our date or in the funks

please cancel at least 1 hour before our scheduled date.
I would hate for you to not enjoy our time together.